Mediation is a private process which allows parties to control the outcome of a divorce, post-divorce or parenting action without the necessity of expensive litigation. Both parties attend the initial consultation and the meetings with the mediator. Both parties must be able to negotiate and compromise in order for mediation to be successful.

Parties meet with the mediator in a private, confidential setting to discuss the terms of an agreement and to resolve areas of disagreement. A Mediator cannot provide legal advice, but can assist the parties in reaching a consensus.

Parties seeking mediation, either privately or through Court appointment, are encouraged to consult with an attorney prior to and during the mediation process. Having the support and advice of legal counsel helps the parties feel more prepared for each mediation session. Being informed of the law before and during mediation assists the parties in making an agreement that they are more likely to be satisfied with in the future.

There is no way to determine how long a case will take to mediate. That depends on the issues in the case. Some couples come to mediation after having made a lot of their own decisions about their parenting time, division of assets and payment of bills. Others come to mediation not knowing where to start. Whatever point you find yourself at, we can help you with the next steps.

Once agreements are made during mediation our Mediators prepare a written agreement and/or parenting plan for you to review and to take to your attorney, if you have one. This agreement follows the Court forms and is consistent with Court rules. Once everyone has approved the agreement it is signed and filed with the Court. The wording of your agreement will become the wording of your Court Order. No agreement is binding, however, until it has been approved by the Court.

Although Patti Blanchette is an attorney, if she is hired as a mediator she cannot later be used as an attorney by either party. Likewise, if she is already hired as an attorney she cannot be used as a mediator in the same case.

Our mediators are highly trained and state certified. We have even been approved to provide training to other mediators on topics such as Domestic Violence, Ethics, Parenting Plans, and Mediation Skills.

Please give us a call for a consultation to see if mediation is right for you.

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