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Active in both local and state government Patti Blanchette served seven terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing her hometown of Newmarket.  She was first elected while attending the University of New Hampshire, where she received a degree in social work. After an early career as a social worker, she went on to law school, and later became President of the New Hampshire Bar Association. She was both the first woman to become President since women were first admitted to the New Hampshire Bar in 1890, and the first Franklin Pierce Law Center (now UNH Law) graduate elected to that position.  She later served as President of the New England Bar Association. Patti has been honored by her peers on several occasions for her outstanding professionalism.

After several years as a partner in one of Portsmouth’s most prestigious law firms, Patti left to devote her practice exclusively to Family Law. She served the Court as a Neutral Evaluator, assessing the parties’ positions in divorce cases. After first mediating family law cases  at the request of other attorneys, Patti was among the first 100 mediators in New Hampshire to receive specialized training and State Certification as a Family Law Mediator. Respected by her colleagues and her former opponents, Patti is known for her love of her work, her experienced staff, and her efficient and no-nonsense approach.


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