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Unlike some law firms, our practice is devoted exclusively to family law. If you need a skilled experienced advocate or a skilled experienced mediator, we have both.

We have experience in divorce, including same sex couples; unwed parenting; guardianships; alimony; child support; and grandparents’ rights.

Our wide client base includes business professionals; public employees; state, federal and military employees; airline employees and professional practices. Over the years we have partnered with many appraisers, accountants, financial advisors and business evaluators to fully inform our clients and to value their assets.

We believe that every client should be fully informed of their legal rights and options before beginning any family law case, for the best possible outcome. That includes cases which may have an amicable outcome.

Although we offer legal advice and advocacy as well as mediation, we cannot provide both in the same case. A mediator cannot provide legal advice. That includes an attorney mediator. A common misconception is that a mediator will protect or provide advice to an unrepresented client. If both parties are fully informed and understand their rights and options before settlement discussions begin, they will be equally prepared to negotiate a mediated result.

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Celebrating the Anniversary of our opening on April 1, 2000:

Front: (Mom) with Patti

Rear: Rebecca, Dominique, Mike and Melissa. 

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